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The Approved Home Pro Show – San Diego

There are a lot of horror stories out there where homeowners have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors, and we want to ensure that doesn’t happen to you. Approved Home Pros co-founders Sean and Heather Johnson decided to stand up for consumers to provide a better way!  Please support Sean and Heather.

A regular guest on the show is Classy Closets San Diego’s very own Kate Monagham. Kate shares closet organization tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your custom home closets or office space.

Learn closet organization tips for maximizing your space and discover all the different ways Classy Closets can incorporate organizational systems into your home.

Is organizing your home one of your New Year’s resolutions? Classy Closets explains the top three areas in the home that have the biggest payoff when it comes to organization. Don’t forget to check out our closet products and solutions.

Learn how to take control of your space with custom organizational closet systems. Classy Closets shares how you can improve your life by introducing the ultimate organizational tools into your home.

San Diego Closets: Now that the holidays are long gone, is your guest room just sitting there empty, collecting dust? Classy Closets checks in with Lynda Martin and provides some storage solutions to help you maximize the space in your home.

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